Child Vision

It is important to have a full eye examination before going to school. If there is a family history of vision problems sooner is better than later. Vision plays a vital role in the reading process. Children must have sharp eyesight to be able to see clearly on the blackboard. Just as important as clarity is the child’s visual skill or efficiency. Visual skill problems can cause poor scholastic performance and can often be misinterpreted as hyperactivity or a slow learner. All Optometrists look at the clarity of vision but only a small amount look at the visual skills.


How the two eyes work together. The ability to coordinate the extra ocular muscles. Binocular vision affects our depth perception and our ability to align our eyes to accurately view an object or word.

Symptoms associated with binocular vision problems:

Eye movements (tracking)

Ability to control the fine eye movements required for following an object or line of print.

Symptoms associated with eye movement problems:


The ability to keep near objects or print clear as well as the ability to change focus quickly and accurately from far to near and vice versa

Symptoms associated with focusing problems:

All of the above skills can be treated with the aid of visual therapy and or lenses. Visual therapy can help individuals reach their full visual potential.

At Elsabe de Koker Optometrists we do believe in a multi-disciplinary approach which includes:

Myopia Management

MYOPIA(shortsightedness) Blurred far vision. When this onsets in childhood, it typically progresses (gets worse) every 6-12 months – this can be slowed down with appropriate myopia management

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