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“I thoroughly enjoy working with people and making a difference in their lives. I love a challenge and strive to always keep up to date with the latest developments in the optometric field.” – Elsabe de Koker

General family care

We strive to offer a personal and professional service. While we have a special interest in the areas of Paediatric and Binocular vision, we also offer a holistic approach to eye care for the whole family. Our goal is to test educate and diagnose to the best of our ability.

Children Vision

It is important to have a full eye examination before going to school. If there is a family history of vision problems sooner is better than later. Vision plays a vital role in the reading process. Children must have sharp eyesight to be able to see clearly on the blackboard. Just as important as clarity is the child’s visual skill or efficiency. Visual skill problems can cause poor scholastic performance and can often be misinterpreted as hyperactivity or a slow learner. All Optometrists look at the clarity of vision but only a small amount look at the visual skills.

Adult Vision

Hours of computer work can cause strain on our visual systems. This can also aggravate dry eye syndrome because we blink less in front of the screen.
Lenses can help relax our eyes while using the computer.
Anti-reflex coatings can also help by reducing reflections emitted from the computer screen. Ask us about Blue Control Anti-reflex coatings especially designed for digital devices.

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